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Take Zoom singing lessons with a live voice coach to increase your vocal range, conquer common fears, and learn to captivate your audience.

AHA Voice & Performing Arts Studio

Rebecca Luttio, MM, Instructor
Professional Actor, 2D Fine Art

This class is one of our online performing arts classes for kids via Zoom.

Zoom Voice Classes

This Zoom voice class will help kids and teens develop the two main factors in great performances: seamless technique and an emotional connection to the text.

Students will build a solid foundation in classical vocal technique and acquire a strong understanding of the techniques and styles related to contemporary, popular, Rock ‘n Roll, Rhythm & Blues, jazz, classical and Broadway genres.

Song styles are also  tailored to the interests of the students.

Class Description

Group exercises/games in breathing, posture, advanced call and response games (pitch and rhythm).

Use scales and exercises to learn vocal control, suspension, flexibility and increase range.

Class format will include assigned duets/trios/quartets for students to implement vocal techniques and perform at the end of the semester.


Increase Range and Flexibity

Master the secrets of fundamental, classical technique to build strength and flexibility, so students can make specific musical and dramatic choices in any style of music.

Conquer Common Fears

Get real solutions to conquer common issues such as stage fright, fear of high notes, and physical tension to reveal the true range and capabilities of your voice.

Captivate Your Audience

Captivate your audience with professional acting and audition techniques to help you connect emotionally to the text and take your performance to the next level.


Once per week / 5 Weeks

Lesson Suggestion

This course is offered as part of AHA Summer Camp and can be offered as an elective during the school year.


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