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Live teachers, project-based learning, and whole-child support.

Online Private High School

As students begin Achievement Heights Academy’s online private high school programs, we provide the support they need to continue to learn and flourish via live classes. We realize that our role is more than imparting knowledge. So we help our students also become independent thinkers and autonomous learners. At our online private school, they apply what they learn to think creatively and analyze multi- disciplinary problems. Hence, our high school students are adept at learning and applying what they learn.

Our faculty and administrators provide ongoing support so that students continue to learn a rigorous academic program, and build their social emotional intelligence. We encourage our students to reflect on their mistakes while they acknowledge their character strengths and those of others. So although the work may be challenging, the AHA supportive team are readily available to help students flourish and manage stress.

In addition, we strongly encourage our high school students to pursue learning outside the classroom through internships, dual enrollment, Community Service Fridays, and school trips abroad to expand their learning opportunities. Moreover, they are encouraged to get involved in the arts and school clubs.

Students are also encouraged to build leadership skills. They may lead a team in project based learning, scientific research, and other independent projects that are facilitated and supported by one or more faculty member.

Whole-child Support

AHA has a caring and encouraging ethos. Moreover, we use a whole child support system approach. 

Project-based Learning

Our curriculum allows students to showcase their understanding through practical projects while following state standards.

Four-day School Week

Students learn core content and electives from Monday to Thursday, while Fridays are reserved as Community Service Days to enhance students social development.

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