Online STEM & STEAM Summer Camp 2023

Learn science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math in this online STEM & STEAM summer camp for kids and teens.

June 27 to August 17
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
9am – 1pm EST
Class Size: 6-10 Students

Online STEAM Camp

During our 2023 virtual STEM & STEAM summer camp, children from elementary to high school will learn from the masters using highly-effective teaching methods, such as small group instruction, scaffolding, and project-based learning.

Select from Core Content and Music & Art

Selection 1: Core Content


Under the direction of a published author, students will write, illustrate and self-publish a book.

Math & Chess

Build math skills and learn to play chess under he direction of a Chess Master.

Science Lab

Students will work with skilled chemists to perform hands-on labs and learn science concepts.

2D & 3D Fine Art

Students will explore different genres of art for a deeper learning experience.

Selection 2: Music & Art

Group A

Voice & Performing Arts Workshop, Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Students will learn techniques to train their voice and ear. The will also learn stage acting skills that can be applied to acting short skits and extensive musicals.

Music Theory

Students will learn from a master pianist to read notes in the bass and treble clefs. They will also learn music notations. They will apply these skills to reading sheet music exercises and songs.

2D & 3D Fine Art

Students will explore different genres of art for a deeper learning experience.

Group B

Violin Workshop

Classical/Jazz Guitar Workshop

Piano Workshop


High-Quality STEAM Learning

Achievement Heights Academy also provides online STEM & STEAM classes where children learn science, technology, reading, engineering, the arts and math using project based learning as they build social emotional skills in a caring and encouraging  environment. AHA also provides professional educational management services to schools. 

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