School Schedule

Our Weekly and Daily School Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Beginning in Fall 2023, AHA will have a four-day school week:

  • Students are in school four full days from Monday through Thursday
  • Fridays are Community Service Day (no virtual classes)

Monday through Thursday, students will learn core content and electives as state standards are applied at each grade level.

On Fridays, students and their families may arrange to engage in social activities such as field service and LDC work. They may also volunteer at the zoo, feeding shelters, as a tutor and other places of interest. While we may need to have a slightly longer school day, we think that the benefits are immense. Giving students Fridays as Community Service Day is critical to further develop their social skills.

Community Service Day is our recognition of the importance for students to personally interact with the community. This not only  helps them to be aware of how they can help others but it also builds students’ communication and collaborative skills; empathy, and social emotional skills. These skills are part of the essential 21st century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) that today’s students need as they grow and develop. 

Besides the aforementioned, we also offer a wide range of subjects and clubs in music and art, chess, STEAM as well as Voice & Performing Arts. Our music program includes small group and private lessons in piano, violin, cello, and classical/jazz guitar. Additionally, we bring students together to perform a school wide musical and participate in the AHA International Science & Engineering Fair.

Daily Schedule

Primary school students will begin their day at 8:30am with Rise ‘n Shine.

During this time, students will discuss an up building thought for the day and watch videos. The videos may be on nature, virtual field trips, virtual tours of world class museums, zoos, and aquariums. Students will also explore different cultures and places of interests, etc.

Throughout their day, students will learn core content and electives as state standards are applied at each grade level.

8:30Rise ‘n Shine
9:00World Languages – Spanish, French, Japanese, and ASL
Music Theory and Appreciation
9:50Math / Science
11:30Clubs / Musical Instruments / Voice & Performing Arts
12:15 LUNCH

English Language Arts (ELA)

(Note: Students will read hard copy books and digital books from various genres. They will also write and personally illustrate reading material.)

2:15Social Studies / World History
3:10Physical Education

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