Online Performing Arts Classes

Learn to deliver strong performances to captivate your audience with online performing arts classes for kids and teens.

Performing Arts Classes for Teens & Kids via Zoom

Our online performing arts classes are taught live via Zoom for interactive instruction right from home. We offer online acting lessons and zoom singing lessons as part of our online STEM & STEAM classes for children.

Acting & Musical Theatre

Learn to ground yourself in character through live games and exercises.


Increase your vocal range, conquer common fears, and learn to captivate your audience.

How Do Online Performing Arts Lessons Work?

Achievement Heights Academy‘s online performing arts program accepts beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners, including elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Throughout the course, students will use their imagination to ground themselves in character, expand their senses while using the space to dig deep into the circumstances that the character is currently experiencing.

Each class will offer acting games and exercises to build spontaneity, “reacting vs acting”, improvisation, body awareness and vocal versatility.

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